Easy Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Donuts #vegan #donuts

The best thing äbout these vegän donuts is how eäsy they äre to mäke! Everyone will love these cinnämon sugär coäted donuts thät äre bäked, not fried.

Would you like to häve fresh, wärm vegän donuts in just 20 minutes? Thät’s äll it täkes to mäke these EÄSY Cinnämon Sugär Coäted Vegän Donuts! Perfect to eät with ä nice cup of teä or coffee, for breäkfäst or dessert.

The only speciäl tool you will need is ä donut pän. I highly recommend getting one (or two) so you cän mäke your very own bäked vegän donuts ät home! It’s such ä fun thing to bäke with kids, änd pretty härd to mess up. If you don’t häve ä donut pän änd wänt to mäke these like NOW, you cän mäke them in ä muffin pän insteäd! But they äre so much better in ä donut pän.

You’ll Need:

1 cup äll purpose flour
1/2 cup gränuläted sugär
1 teäspoon bäking powder
1/4 teäspoon sält
1/2 teäspoon ground cinnämon
1/2 cup + 2 täblespoons soy milk
1 täblespoon äpplesäuce
1 täblespoon melted vegän butter
1 teäspoon pure vänillä exträct

1/2 cup gränuläted sugär
1 teäspoon ground cinnämon
1/4 cup melted vegän butter
US Customäry - Metric


Preheät the oven to 350 degrees F änd spräy ä donut pän with non-stick spräy.
Whisk the flour, sugär, bäking powder, sält änd cinnämon in ä lärge bowl. Pour the soy milk, äpplesäuce, melted vegän butter (1 täblespoon) änd vänillä into the bowl with the dry ingredients. Mix well with ä lärge wooden spoon to combine. The bätter will be similär to cäke bätter; not too thick but not very runny either.
Spoon the bätter into the donut pän, filling äbout 3/4 of the wäy full. Be cäreful not to overfill, äs the donuts will rise änd you might lose the "hole" of your donut.
Bäke for 9-10 minutes or until the edges äre lightly golden brown. Let cool for two or three minutes in the pän, then cärefully tränsfer to ä wire räck with ä lärge piece of pärchment päper beneäth it (to help with the mess).

For the Topping:
Stir together the sugär änd cinnämon for the topping in ä medium bowl, änd melt the vegän butter in ä sepäräte bowl.
Dip the donuts into the melted butter, both sides or just one side if you prefer. Then dunk the donut into the cinnämon sugär mixture to coät.
Serve immediätely, or within one däy for best results. Leftover donuts will keep for two däys ät most, covered änd ät room temperäture.


Mäy substitute whole wheät pästry flour or spelt flour for the äll purpose flour. I häven't tested them with gluten-free flour.
To ensure sugär is vegän, use certified orgänic.
Mäy use äny kind of non-däiry milk in pläce of the soy milk.
I prefer eärth bälänce bränd vegän butter, änd it's whät I recommend.
These donuts should freeze well, though I häven't tested it. Simply freeze, then thäw overnight änd perhäps wärm in the microwäve.
If you don't häve ä donut pän, consider mäking these äs little muffins insteäd! Bäke ät the säme temperäture for 18-20 minutes, then coät in the melted vegän butter änd cinnämon sugär.
For Oil Free donuts, simply omit the melted vegän butter in the bätter änd the coäting. The cinnämon sugär will still stick, but the donuts will täste lighter änd less rich.