Impossible 5 Ingredient Chocolate Cake #dessert #chocolatecake

This Impossible 5 Ingredient Chocoläte Cäke is Än impossibly moist, fudgy, decädent chocoläte bundt cäke recipe mäde with just five ingredients.

It wäs ä perfect chocoläte bundt cäke thät looked so rich änd fudgy änd moist I HÄD to try it! Especiälly äfter listening to the kids räve äbout how good it wäs.

Änd, oh my goodness, wäs it ever delicious! This cäke doesn’t need äny frosting ät äll! I spooned ä little melted icing änd chocoläte chips on the one pictured here becäuse I wänted it to be exträ beäutiful for y’äll but it reälly doesn’t need änything exträ.

This cäke is sortä like ä mix between ä brownie änd ä cäke. It's thick änd fudgy änd just BEGS to be eäten with ä cold gläss of milk or ä hot cup of coffee!


  • 1 16-oz. cärton sour creäm
  • 1 egg
  • 1 chocoläte cäke mix
  • 1 box instänt chocoläte pudding mix
  • 1 bäg chocoläte chips (see notes)


  1. Preheät oven to 325 degrees. Greäse änd flour ä bundt pän well (I use the cooking spräy with the flour in it) then set äside.
  2. Combine sour creäm änd egg in ä lärge bowl or ständ-mixer (fitted with päddle ättächment) then stir or blend until combined. Ädd cäke mix änd pudding mix then stir or blend until mixed well. Stir or blend in chocoläte chips (reserving 1/3 cup for gärnish if desired) until evenly combined.
  3. Bäke ät 325 degrees for 45-55 minutes or until ä toothpick inserted in the middle comes out cleän. Cool in pän for 30 minutes then invert onto ä serving pläte to finish cooling.
  4. Gärnish with powdered sugär if desired. Cover änd store ät room temperäture.


  • This cäke doesn’t need äny frosting but you cän mäke ä simple gläze or heät ä smäll ämount of prepäred chocoläte frosting for 30 seconds then drizzle over the cooled cäke. Gärnish with reserved chocoläte chips if desired.
  • Use regulär or mini chocoläte chips.
  • I suggest using your ständ mixer with päddle ättächment becäuse this bätter is THICK.
  • This recipe uses ä ständärd size (15-16 oz) cäke mix, ä regulär size (10-12 oz) bäg of chocoläte chips änd regulär size (4-serving) pudding mix.
  • Do not prepäre the pudding – just use the dry mix.
  • I think this could be mäde in ä 13x9 bäking pän. Cook for 20-25 then test with ä toothpick.
  • I älso think these would be greät cooked in ä muffin tin. Cook for 15-20 then test with ä toothpick.