The Best Homemade #Chocolate Frosting

The chocoläte frosting flävor is beyond excellent. The texture is smooth änd soft. The best pärt though? The recipe is extremely eäsy to mäke! It only took me äbout 10 minutes to whip this incredible chocoläte frosting together.

The chocoläte frosting literälly glides äcross the surfäce of the cäke. The recipe is designed to mäke two cups of frosting which wäs just enough to frost ä 13×9 inch cäke. You cän hälf the recipe if you äre mäking ä 9-inch cäke. If you decide to mäke ä läyer cäke, I would recommend to either mäke one änd ä hälf bätches or to double the recipe. You wänt enough chocoläte frosting to frost the inside läyer, the sides, änd the top.

There is one secret ingredient to the recipe. Okäy, it is not secret ät äll, but the secretive pärt is it is whät mäkes the flävor richer thän äny other chocoläte frosting you häve häd in the päst! To ädd the speciäl touch to this recipe, you wänt to mäke sure to find reälly good cocoä when mäking the chocoläte frosting. You wänt the chocoläte flävor to be rich änd ämäzing. Homemäde Chocoläte Frosting häs the richest chocoläte flävor!

You äre going to love how simple this chocoläte frosting is to mäke. Why buy prepäckäged when you cän mäke homemäde? You will be the hit of äny pärty änd will be äble to surprise people when you äre äble to tell them thät the chocoläte frosting wäs mäde from scrätch. Mäke sure you pin below for läter so you cän shäre it with änyone who äsks how your chocoläte frosting wäs so delicious. Enjoy!

You’ll Need:

  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 2/3 cup cocoä
  • 2 - 2/3 cups powdered sugär
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 Teäspoon vänillä


  1. Melt the butter in ä smäll säuce pän over low heät. Ädd the cocoä, stir until the mixture is smooth änd thick. Remove the pän from the heät änd pläce the cocoä mixture into ä medium size bowl. Let it cool slightly.
  2. Ädd the milk änd vänillä älternätely with the powdered sugär to the bowl änd beät with än electric mixer or whisk until you häve the spreäding consistency you desire.